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The Future in Nuclear
Re: Uranium bank useful idea (Jan.9).
The Winnipeg Free Press correctly pointed out that nuclear power is the only practical alternative to fossil fuels for electricity generation for the world. With most potential hydro-electric sites already developed, only fossil fuels and nuclear power are capable of delivering electricity 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
Far from being uneconomical, those countries with a high concentration of nuclear power generation, such as France and Sweden, have some of the lowest electricity prices. Ontario, in which over 50 per cent of the electricity is generated by nuclear power, has cheaper electricity rates than many other provinces and almost all U.S. states. The waste disposal problem is a political one, not a technical one. The latter has been solved and countries such as Finland and Sweden are going ahead with repositories. Scare-mongering by anti-nuclear groups will make a site in North America harder to find but eventually a disposal site will be found.
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