SPEA and Candu Energy Inc have signed tonight a Memorandum of Agreement for the SPEA-SE (engineers and scientists) bargaining unit. Below is the email sent to the members.

RE: Update September 7th, 2012
Dear Members, 

We can report that we finally have a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) with Candu Energy for the SPEA-SE bargaining unit.  The MOA itself is attached.  The only difference between this agreement and the one that you voted on, on August 24th, is that the document on which you voted contained a note indicating our intention to litigate the site seniority issue.  We have – with great reluctance - agreed to withdraw our right to litigate that issue.  

However, we have achieved a rather detailed definition of “project hire” as well as a specific definition of “site”.  These definitions protect us against the kind of abuse “site seniority” could have led to and about which many members hypothesized at Tuesday’s meetings with the company’s Executive Management team.  We don’t think SNC would have agreed to change their language were it not for the many members who vocalized their concerns.  Thanks to everyone who spoke up. 

As was stated at the August 24th meeting, this is not the collective agreement that we wanted but neither is it the agreement that the company wanted.  Whether this agreement helps to give our members sufficient incentive to remain with Candu Energy, only time will tell.  We believe that SNC is going to regret its hardline approach to these negotiations.

As you all know, this was a very difficult round of negotiations – and that’s an understatement.  We gave up a lot of things but we also managed to hold on to many things important to our members.


On behalf of the SPEA executive I would like to thank all of you who held firm and supported us and each other during a long strike and a very hot summer.  Without this show of solidarity we would not have achieved what we did.   As one member pointed out to Candu Energy’s Executive management team at one of Tuesday’s meetings, “SPEA is not the members of the executive – rather it is all of us.”

Together, we stood up and struck against this employer and we pushed them very far from the collective agreement they wanted.   We have learned the true meaning of solidarity.   The workplace will never be the same.

In Solidarity


Michael Ivanco (on behalf of the SPEA executive)