It is relatively easy to criticize nuclear power, through misinformation, while presenting largely unfeasible alternatives. Thankfully, Ontarians have more common sense.

Ontario has been blessed with cheap electricity for most of the last four decades, where more than half has been supplied by nuclear power. Recent price increases have little to do with nuclear power, but rather with addition of wind energy, solar, replacement of coal-fired generation with natural gas and with transmission upgrades.


The OCAA’s Jack Gibbons’ inflated nuclear costs come from one data point, long since refuted. Historically, nuclear power has been economically competitive with coal-fired generation and countries that rely heavily on nuclear power, such as France and Sweden, also have very cheap electricity. Countries with rapidly expanding economies, that need cheap and reliable electricity, such as India and China, are building a lot of coal plants and a lot of nuclear plants.

Whether AECL is privatized, or not, a lot of reactors will be sold around the world and as long as CANDU technology receives the same level of support that other governments provide their nuclear vendors then our industries will also benefit from our sales. It is more likely it is the federal government’s desire to exit the nuclear reactor business completely that has scared off potential investors.

Dr. Michael Ivanco, Vice President, Society of Professional Engineers and Associates, Mississauga