OSPE has made a submission to the Ontario Minister of Energy, Brad Dugui.


The delays in restructuring AECL along with its impact on new contracts and Ontario's new build program is placing a major strain on the industry. Without meaningful nuclear work, many of the experienced nuclear supply chain members, those who were largely responsible for AECL's success in Korea, China and Romania will not be able to weather the two years until large projects begin again. The problem will be further compounded by demographics of the nuclear industry, as many experienced people will retire or be forced to leave due to lack of business before replacement employees are trained. This will likely have a major negative impact on the timing and budget of future nuclear projects.

Accordingly, if Ontario Power Generation and Bruce Power can assist AECL and the OCI network of nuclear and related suppliers by advancing engineering studies, preliminary engineering, R&D and procurement of long lead components for the refurbishment projects, the interests of the industry, economy, and long term success of Canada's nuclear industry will be assured.