Michael Ivanco: The Big Debate: Should we fear nuclear energy? No.

Toronto Star, March 3, 2020. If you really want to address global warming and reduce your carbon footprint, then embracing a clean energy solution that electricity can provide is your answer.

Fortunately, Ontario is a world leader from hydro to nuclear; we have developed noncarbon solutions that reduce greenhouse gas emissions in a safe and effective manner.

Clean, cheap and efficient electrical power is what helped drive the Ontario economy in the 1950s and ’60s. Now it is once again ready to power our electric cars, rapid transit systems and factories. Nuclear is the most cost effective, and scalable, solution we have available.

We developed a unique nuclear power technology for making electricity, the CANDU reactor. CANDU reactors were built in Canada, mostly in Ontario, and also in several other countries. In Canada, they were built at a time when electricity demand growth was high and the only alternative was to build coal-fired generation. READ THE FULL STORY HERE.