Meet the Executives

The SPEA Executive Team

Mark Chudak

Retube Optical Systems

- SPEA President

Peter White

Senior Safety Specialist

- SPEA Vice President

Mark Jamieson

Senior I&C System Design Engineer

- Member at Large and
Pension Plan Trustee

Corey Witkowski

Electrical Technologist,
Inspection, Instrumentation
- SPEA TT  Vice President

Reza Ziaei

Senior Fuel Chanel Design Engineer
- Member at Large and
Pension Plan Trustee

Vincent Tume

Real-Time Software Development Professional/Distributed Control & Display systems engineer
- SPEA SE Vice President

Chris Jacobs

Series Lead Tooling and Services
- Treasurer

Reena Goyal

Specialist Piping & Feeder Engineer
- Secretary

Diane Damario

Senior Engineer
– Mechanical, Fuel Handling

- Member at Large

Akashdeep Gill

Fuel Designer

- Member at Large

Corey Martin

Senior Civil Design Technologist

- SPEA‎ PD Vice President

Peter Visser

I&C Lead, Steam Generator Projects
- Member at Large

Jasjit Rehsia

Senior Piping Engineer

- Membership Chair

SPEA Staff

Denise Coombs

SPEA Staff Representative

Michelle Duncan

SPEA Staff Representative