Candu Engineers say SNC locked them out

Dana Flavelle
Business Reporter

Some 800 striking engineers and professionals at Candu Energy have voted to go back to work but say their employer isn’t willing to take them back.

Calling it a lockout, the Society for Professional Engineers and Associates said their members voted to settle a nearly seven-week strike on Friday.

But when they showed up for work Monday, they say Candu Energy sent them home.

The workers blame Candu’s parent company, SNC-Lavalin, which struck a deal to buy the Candu reactor technology of Atomic Energy of Canada Ltd. just over a year ago.

A spokesperson for SNC referred questions about the situation to Candu. An official with Candu did not immediately return an email request for comment.

The union said the main sticking point in the labour dispute had been the employer’s demand that they give up their defined benefit pension plan.

The two sides were scheduled to meet Monday afternoon to try to work out their differences