SPEA members have met with Honourable Vic Dhillon, MPP Brampton West, to discuss the issues SPEA is currently facing in barganing with SNC Lavalin. The discussion was frank and open and Mr. Dhillon was very worried by the loss of nuclear energy professionals who have very transferable skills. Mr. Dhillon wants to retain these highly trained motivated individuals in Ontario. 

Mr. Dhillon has sent a letter to Honourable Minister Chris Bentley, Ontario's Minister of Energy, to express his concerns. The letter can be viewed by clicking "Read More".

SPEA would like to thank Honourable Vic Dhillon for his understanding of the issues at stake and his support.

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Today, SPEA members have picketed the Canadian Revenue Agency office dowtown Toronto to urge the CRA to investigate the innapropriate use of contractors at Candu Energy Inc.

Click on Read More to view the Press Release, the flyer and a picture of the SPEA members.

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