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The scientists, engineers and technologists who work for Candu Energy, wholly owned by SNC-Lavalin, have been forced on strike.  This may impact our ability to provide CANDU Plant operators at Bruce Power and OPG with timely technical support for refurbishment, planned and forced outages and to complete the EC6 Site specific design, a key to the future of our CANDU industry.

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Picketers Prevent Unlawful Shipments From Candu Energy

In various blogs we have read accusations of the alleged unprofessionalism of our members.  The following is an account of an event that occurred earlier in our strike.  We have kept quiet about it but it seems that since accusations continue, we are relating the story here.

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Please click "Read More" to see the strike flyer for July 11, 2012 titled "On Scabs, Ethics and Our Strike":

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What’s the Difference?

Many of you have been told by your managers, or their managers, that our contract is 99% settled and there is no reason to be on strike.  This table summarizes most, but not all, of our differences. However, as you can see from the following, we still have a ways to go.  We know the employer has been banking on everyone folding in these critical weeks.  Once again, they are underestimating and misunderstanding SPEA members. We are strong and united and we are still here!


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The Globe and Mail


An escalating labour dispute between Candu Energy Inc. and its reactor design team is raising fears that the company will have trouble retaining and attracting the country’s top nuclear talent.

More than 800 engineers, scientists and technologists, members of the Society of Professional Engineers and Associates who are responsible for the design and occasional caretaking of Canada’s world-class reactor, walked out Monday after failing to reach a labour pact with the company. They do not work on the day-to-day operations of the reactors.


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The SPEA strike starting on Monday morning has received a tremendous amount of media coverage during the day.

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