Federal Conservatives: Remember your Promise to Stand up for Ontario Industry

When the federal government engaged in the secret, closed-door “fire sale” of the commercial division of Atomic Energy of Canada (AECL) to SNC-Lavalin, SPEA warned that the Ontario-based CANDU nuclear industry was at risk, along with the tens of thousands of supply-chain jobs associated with it. We questioned why the federal Conservative government was willing to subsidize the western based oil sector to the tune of billions of dollars while abandoning the Ontario-based, clean and efficient nuclear energy sector.

We asked Ontario Conservative MPs to stand up for our province in what is clearly a Western-Canada dominated Conservative party. We were promised that the CANDU would not go the way of the Avro Arrow.

Unfortunately, our most pessimistic predictions for the future of CANDU are coming true. The sale was announced in May of 2011 and closed in October 2011. Since the sale was announced more than 240 SPEA members (scientists, engineers, technicians and technologists) have fled the company. Approximately 180 did so as part of a voluntary termination programme, in which they received generous layoff packages paid for by Canadian taxpayers. Since the close of the sale, another 60 employees have fled; these were employees who had passed up the earlier opportunity to leave with a generous package. They didn’t like what they saw of SNC-Lavalin and moved to more enlightened employers in Ontario, across the country and overseas - in most cases for more generous compensation. SNC-Lavalin has hired replacements. Many of these are new graduates who will not be able to fill the role of those who have fled for many years and we fear may not be able to at all, without the mentorship of skilled, experienced staff.

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SPEA has set up a hardship fund to assist members who are experiencing severe financial hardship as a result of the strike.  Please contribute to our fund. 

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Who We Are, Why We’re Here, and Why it Matters to Ontario Communities

Welcome to the beautiful city of Ottawa. You might wonder who we are and why we are here. We are the engineers, scientists, technicians and technologists who design and service CANDU nuclear reactors. Nuclear power supplies over 50% of Ontario’s energy.  Our members represent the CANDU design authority.  We used to be the reactor division of Atomic Energy of Canada Ltd (AECL) but were sold to SNC Lavalin last year, which created a new company, Candu Energy Inc.  We are represented by the Society of Professional Engineers and Associates (SPEA). We have been striking for 7 weeks, to maintain our wages, standards of employment and. to the extent we can, to help keep our core capability from fleeing our company for both competitors and clients at home and abroad.  Since the sale of our company was announced in June of 2011, 240 of our 1050 members have left.

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